Although it isn’t very difficult to actually work on a Treadmill
Desk, there are certain tools that will make the transition more efficient and enjoyable.

Desktop real estate is very precious. I use a mini-sized keyboard to save space. Check eBay or Google “small or mini-size keyboards”.

Sometimes it can be challenging to use a mouse to highlight a website link while walking. I use a standard wireless mouse, but some Treadmill Desk walkers love their trackball mouse.

Monitor Display
Positioning your computer monitor is very important for the Treadmill Desk to work well. Without a doubt, the best purchase I made was for two monitor arms (I have two monitors) that attach to the wall. My monitor arms extend up to 24″ from the wall and pivot to every possible position.

Good Choice: Ergotron

I bought the Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm and I love them!

But to install this model (wall mount) you need to attach to a wood wall stud. I spent several hours learning how to do this.
Step 1: To locate where the wood studs are hiding behind the drywall, use a “rare earth” magnet to locate where the drywall screws are attached to the wood stud.
Step 2: Then once you know where the stud is, use a very small nail (8 d or 8 penny) and actually pound it into the wall to determine the exact location of the two edges of the wood stud.

The less cords and cables the better. Therefore, buy a cordless telephone and keep the base unit elsewhere in the room. Just keep the handset on your desk.

VGA Splitter
This device allows you to split the VGA video coming out of your computer to two monitors. The same image is seen on both monitors. Therefore, you can have one monitor at your Treadmill Desk and a second monitor on your “normal” desk. That way you can switch back and forth between your Treadmill and normal desk without having to move your monitor.

The difference between the following two choices is that the Aluratek provides a split signal all of the time, whereas the 2-1 HD15 only provides an output to the monitor you choose via the manual switch. The 2-1 HD15 works great and it’s only $10!

Aluratek AVS02 2-Port VGA Video Splitter $34

My Choice: 2-1 HD15 VGA Manual Switch Box

Two Mice and/or Two Keyboards
It’s been my experience that if you’re using a USB mouse and/or USB keyboard (either wired or wireless) then you may have two of each plugged in at the same time with no ill effects. That is, you can have one set of mouse and keyboard for your normal desk and one set for your treadmill desk. This is a great configuration so you may easily go back and forth between the two desks.

4 thoughts on “Mice, Monitor Display, etc

  • September 23, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    I use a game joystick as a mouse. It’s easy to grab while you’re walking. You can get them with ridiculous amounts of buttons designed to be used with one hand if you’re coordinated or good at joysticking. (I’m not, so I use a $20 cheapy with a trigger and four thumb buttons).

    I also hold a wireless number pad in my hand. I reprogrammed some o the buttons- I really like my “alt+tab” button to switch windows. Enter, escape, arrows, etc.

    You can also reprogram one of those number pads to work like a mouse, using the arrow buttons to move the cursor, enter to click, “0” to right-click, etc.

    I do all the reprogramming with “autohotkey” which is freeware, though I’m sure there are other/better ways.

  • August 6, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    I was wondering if anyone has tried using a wireless mouse and keyboard on a treadmill desk with a conventional mouse and keyboard at a desk plugged in at the same time? Does this work or is there interference from the wireless keyboard and mouse? Can I move between the set-up on my treadmill desk and the desktop set up at my conventional desk? Thanks!

  • September 17, 2008 at 6:59 am

    I am making my desk into more of a “U” shape around my TMill. ** Find the quietest Tmill you can at 1MPH. It makes a difference. ***I am mounting the components under the table to access the drives. A rolling table makes a great printer stand and paper shelf. 50″ Panel tv for a screen. Sound through the tv and a bass box. Done.

  • March 3, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    You all have so much great information here that it is going to take quite some time to implement it all. But I supremely appreciate the advice given as a result of all of your trials and errors – will save me from many of the same.

    btw, I have used the Gyration keyboard that you have pictured here for years, and love it. Available on Amazon or Gyration site. Understand, it has a quiet scissor-key, laptop style action, so you must be a fan of this type of keyboard. I personally would not use any other. The only other one that has a superior ‘Perfect Touch’ is the Logitech diNovo series. The touch is a dream, except for the horrid clacking space bar. Read the reviews on Amazon. Expensive but worth it.

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